Oncology products

When a pet is undergoing something as serious as a tissue or bone marrow biopsy, there's enough stress. Both pet owners and pets are nervous and they look to you to instill confidence in them. They need to know they are getting the best care. The devices you use in these situations need to feel comfortable in your hand and be easy to administer-so there's no added anxiety in the room.

BD PhaSeal™ system

Our proprietary BD PhaSeal™ system is a leakproof and airtight closed system drug transfer device.

Features and benefits
  • Mechanically prohibits the transfer of environmental contaminants into the system*
  • Mechanically prohibits the escape of hazardous drugs, vapors or aerosols
  • Ensures leakproof drug transfer thanks to sealed, elastomeric, double membranes
  • Prevents microbial ingress.
  • May help reduce drug waste as part of your drug vial optimization program.


* For up to 168 hours, within an ISO Class V environment following aseptic technique

† Within an ISO Class V environment following aseptic technique